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Debbie Danowski Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Debbie Danowski, Ph.D., is the author of five popular books about weight loss and food addiction and an associate professor of Communication and Media Studies at Sacred Heart University. Dr. Danowski has also served as Manager of Media Relations for a national nonprofit organization, a public relations consultant for a national food addiction treatment center, and Public Relations Coordinator for a Connecticut horse rescue organization.

Dr. Danowski holds a Ph.D. from Capella University in Minneapolis, Minn., where she researched eating behavior in American film, a Master’s degree in Public Communications from Syracuse University, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Sacred Heart University.

Dr. Danowski’s latest book, Why Can’t My Child Stop Eating? (Central Recovery Press) discusses emotional eating in children. Her other books include: The Emotional Eater’s Book of Inspiration: 90 Truths You Need To Know To Overcome Your Food Addiction (Avalon/Marlowe), Why Can’t I Stop Eating? (Hazelden) co-authored with Dr. Pedro Lazaro, Locked Up For Eating Too Much (Hazelden), and The Overeater’s Journal (Hazelden).

Additionally, Dr. Danowski has written more than 100 articles for national and local publications, including First For Women, Woman’s Day and Seventeen Magazine, and served as a contributing writer for Fairfield County Home magazine.

The majority of Dr. Danowski’s academic research encompasses food advertising and body image issues. Most recently, Dr. Danowski’s article “Bet You Can’t Eat Just One: Binge Eating Disorder promotion in American Food Advertising,” was published in the journal Media Literacy and Academic Research. For this article, Dr. Danowski researched 100 food advertisements and created a categorization chart to determine eating disorder behaviors in American ads.

Dr. Danowski was third author on a major article for the Journal of American College Health titled “One Size Doesn’t Fit All: New Continua of Figure Drawings and Their Relation to Ideal Body Image.” Based on data collected from several of her classes and the university at large, this article focused on body image issues in college-aged women and men.

Additionally, Dr. Danowski published a peer-reviewed book chapter, “Cover to Cover: Contemporary Issues in Popular Women’s Magazines,” in Women, Wellness and the Media from Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Similarly, her chapter in the peer-reviewed anthology published in Role Play, “Anyone? Anyone? Anyone? Leading Discussions in Cyberspace: E-journals and Interactivity in Asynchronous Environments,” took her research at that time a step further by discussing the journal writing concept in an electronic environment.