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Shanshan Wang

Assistant Professor

Shanshan Wang (Shan Shan) is an award-wining experimental filmmaker and video artist. Her film and installation work has been shown in the U.S and internationally. Working with both analog film and digital video, Shan Shan is very interested in the visual experience that can’t be contented by conventional dialogue.

Her research centered practice focuses on exploring digital humanities and socio‐political interactions. She participated in several workshops and electronic festivals in Europe and collaborated with many international artists throughout the years. Her most recent project Cyber-Manifestation: The Concept of Virtual Galleries as Races and Places of Identity, combines scholarly research intended for publications with the making and curating of artworks move forward current scholarly debates around the future roles of art and virtual space as non-violent protest methods and civil disobedience. This project is supported by the URCG grant and is one of the winners of the Kooshk Artist Award (KARA 17).

Teaching Responsibilities
Professor Wang was an Assistant Professor in Communication Arts and Director of Digital Media Program at Marywood University prior to Sacred Heart University. She has taught a wide range of courses in Communication and Media Arts on both undergraduate and graduate levels.