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Sidney Gottlieb Ph.D.


Sidney Gottlieb, Ph.D. has been teaching at Sacred Heart University since 1976. A multiple recipient of Sacred Heart’s scholarship award, he has published numerous essays and reviews on both literary and film topics, and is currently editing a volume of Orson Welles’s writings and interviews. He is also an active musician, currently playing with Ghost Radio (with his colleague Greg Golda) in Connecticut and the duo Sonia and Sid in the Boston area.
He is the longtime editor of  two scholarly journals, the Hitchcock Annual (Columbia University Press) and the George Herbert Journal. His edited books include Hitchcock on Hitchcock, volume 1 and volume 2 (Univ. of California Press), Framing Hitchcock (Wayne State University Press; coedited with Chris Brookhouse), Hitchcock: Interviews (Univ. of Missouri Press), Roberto Rossellini’s Rome Open City (Cambridge Univ. Press), Orson Welles in Focus: Texts and Contexts (Indiana Univ. Press, co-edited with James N. Gilmore), and the forthcoming Haunted by Vertigo: Hitchcock’s Masterpiece Then and Now (John Libbey Press/Indiana Univ. Press, co-edited with Donal Martin).

Teaching Responsibilities
Undergraduate courses in critical approaches to media studies, film history, film comedy, and special topics courses on individual directors, like Hitchcock and Welles. Graduate courses in critical approaches to media and film analysis

Recent Publications and Presentations
Under Capricorn and the Hitchcockian Melodrama of Recovery and Remarriage,” presented at Under Capricorn at 70 conference, King’s College, London, September 2019.

Hitchcock Annual, volume 22. New York: Columbia University Press, 2018.

George Herbert Journal, volume 40, 2018.

“Varieties of the Gaze in Vertigo,” presented at the 2nd International Vertigo Conference, Dublin, Ireland, September 2018.

“Introduction” and “Orson Welles as Journalist: The New York Post Columns,” in James N. Gilmore and Sidney Gottlieb, eds, Orson Welles in Focus: Texts and Contexts. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2018.

“Hitchcock and Shakespeare,” Oxford University Press online, August 2017.

“Hitchcock the Amoralist: Rear Window and the Pleasures and Dangers of Looking,” in
Hitchcock’s Moral Gaze, ed. R. Barton Palmer, Homer B. Pettey, and Steven M. Sanders. Binghamton: SUNY Press, 2017, pp. 133-50.

“The Therapeutic Power of Music in Hitchcock’s Films,” in Partners in Suspense: Critical
Essays on Alfred Hitchcock and Bernard Herrmann
, ed. Steven Rawle and K.J. Donnelly. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2017, pp. 50-61

Being There [film review], dir. Hal Ashby, Cineaste Online Exclusive, Summer 2017.