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The School of Communication, Media and The Arts is committed to fostering intellectually engaged, ethical and responsible graduates with the social, artistic and professional skills necessary to succeed in the modern media landscape, as well as a lasting commitment to their civic obligations.  SCMA also recognizes the growing internationalization of the media industries, and the necessity of helping our students to develop intercultural awareness if they are to succeed as communications professionals in an interconnected world.

Photo ofStudy Abroad

Study Abroad

As part of our wider efforts to promote global self-awareness and understanding of multiple worldviews and diverse perspectives, SCMA offers courses and programs that help students to develop the intercultural competence that will help them to thrive in the modern global media environment.
In addition to courses with a focus on international subject matter, each year SCMA’s own faculty offer multiple study abroad opportunities. The study abroad programs include both semester-long and short course programs that are seamlessly integrated into our curriculum, so that students can have a rewarding study abroad experience without losing step with their classmates. We regularly offer SCMA-taught study abroad courses in Ireland, Luxembourg, and India, as well as occasional offerings in additional locations.
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Photo ofInternational Scholars Program

International Scholars Program

SCMA students who participate in the International Communication Scholars Program and earn their Certificate in International Communication gain valuable skills that will help them to thrive in the increasingly global media environment. They also form the basis of a welcoming community that
helps all of our students to embrace diversity, understand our human interconnectedness, and pursue social justice.
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Summer Programs

We also welcome international students to campus, both as fully matriculated members of our undergraduate and graduate programs, and as participants in our collaborative international summer programs. For students who are particularly interested in developing expertise in international
communications, SCMA offers the International Communication Scholars Program, which provides students with an opportunity to earn a Certificate in International Communication.
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