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International Scholars Program

Members of the International Communication Scholars Program should be Sacred Heart undergraduates who are prepared to serve as ambassadors for the school through their involvement in supporting and promoting SCMA’s international programs and its international students. Students who successfully complete the certificate will be recognized in an annual ceremony.

Three CM Courses with International Content
One of the three must be an SCMA based course offered at an international location. Summer MPML program, 3 or 6 credits counts as one course with international content.
CM 130 Media and Cultural Literacy
CM 131 Italian Media Culture
CM 132 Irish Identity in Media and History
CM 133 City Symphonies: Europe in Film
CM 135 Irish Cinema
CM 231 Introduction to International Field Production
CM 300 International Journalism
CM 353 National Cinemas
Any (additional) CM designated course taught in one of our international locations. (Ireland, Luxembourg, India, etc.)

GS 101 Introduction to Global Studies
GS 150 World Geography
At least one semester of a foreign language.

Minimum 20 Hours Service Work
Service work may include mentoring visiting international students and/or supporting SCMAs’ international programs – to be determined in consultation with SCMA faculty.

Note: Any single course can only count for one of the above requirements.

If you are interested in learning more about the International Communication Scholars Program, please contact:

Professor Sally Ross, or Professor Andrew Miller,