The Advertising Media/Public Relations Concentration is designed to give students the opportunity to engage with both the theory and practice of Public Relations and Advertising. Majors who choose this concentration will work with faculty with extensive backgrounds in the field, and will also have the opportunity to learn from industry professionals during regularly scheduled workshops taking place throughout the school year. Because of our ideal location and our reputation for educating well-prepared and motivated students, our majors regularly intern at industry-leading companies in the advertising and public relations field, and we have numerous alumni working in this area of the media industry.

Advertising Media Public Relations students will produce in-depth presentations, campaigns and written work in addition to leaving with a capstone project that showcases both their production skills and critical thinking ability. Students who move through this concentration will acquire the knowledge and technical skills to pursue careers in public relations and advertising as they develop a theoretical, aesthetic, and historical understanding of the professional communication fields.

Required Courses

CM 101 Introduction to Media Culture

CM 102 Introduction to Media Production

CM 126 History of Advertising and Public Relations

CM 227 Advertising and PR, Practical Applications

CM 230 Digital Publications

CM 258 Social Media Strategy

CM 301 Advanced Seminar in Communication

CM 397 Senior Project 1

CM 398 Senior Project 2


CM 211 News Writing and Reporting

CM 256 Magazines and Body Image

CM 257 Women and Advertising