The Communication Studies major, with concentrations in Advertising Media/Public Relations and Sports Media, is a distinct major that moves SHU students through a unique educational pathway. With roots in the fields of journalism, public relations, sports journalism, sports broadcasting, and the creative media aspects of advertising, Communication Studies at SHU features:

  • Experienced faculty with industry connections
  • Excellent internship opportunities
  • A curricular design that regularly brings together media professionals and students, culminating in a capstone experience to showcase skills and talents in a student project.
  • An ideal campus location in the heart of Connecticut’s Creative Media Corridor

‌Communication Studies majors will graduate with a historical and practical understanding of the relationship of media and culture. They will acquire the social, artistic, and technical skills necessary to succeed in today’s job market as ethically and socially aware professional communicators.


Communications Studies majors choose one of two concentrations:

Advertising Media/Public Relations

Sports Media


Students from across the university can take advantage of the six different minors offered by the School of Communication, Media & the Arts: journalism, advertising media/public relations, film and television, sports media, digital communication, and performing arts. These minors allow non-majors to explore an area of focus within the fields of Communication and Media Arts while developing an understanding of media theory, history, and technical skills.