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graphic design

Graphic Design

Graphic Design students study a wide variety of design challenges addressing subjects that include visual literacy, typography, layout, and digital illustration.

Graphic Design

Students prepare to immediately join the modern profession that demands designers be capable of organizing highly complex clusters of digital creation tools in order to make the non-visual aspects of communication into visible solutions through print, internet, social media, and digital delivery systems. Beyond the solid base established in the department’s foundation programs are five semesters dedicated exclusively to Graphic Design. Just a few of the topics covered are editorial design, web design, online animation, corporate identity, packaging design, iPad development and design in service to the community.

The major in Art and Design requires the completion of 51 credits. Art and Design majors complete 18 credits in foundational courses plus 33 credits in their areas of concentration.

Required Foundational Courses for Art and Design
AR 101 Art in the Western World
AR 201 Studies in Modern Art or one other three-credit art history offering
AR 110 Design: Visual Organization
AR 111 Design II: Color
AR 114 Computer Design Basics
AR 120 Drawing I

Additional Required Courses for Graphic Design Concentration
AR 211 Graphic Design I
AR 220 Drawing II: Life
AR 225 Design for the Web
AR 250 Introduction to Illustration
AR 229 Introduction to Painting (or AR 131 Watercolor with permission of the department)
AR 270 Graphic Design II
AR 271 Graphic Design III
AR 272 Advertising Design or AR 280 Interactive Motion Graphics
AR 276 Interactive 2D Animation
AR 370 Graphic Design IV
AR 390 Graphic Design Portfolio

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Professional internships are possible through AR 396 Internship with the permission of the department.