Immersive Media & Mixed Reality (IMMR) is an interdisciplinary degree program in the School of Communication, Media and The Arts. This modified degree program provides an exceptional opportunity to combine new forms of artistic expression, creative technology, and innovative approaches to media management.  IMMR teaches students fluency in multiple forms of digital interactivity. The practical work involves VR/AR/XR creation, Animation & Special Effects, Interactive Media Design, Artificial Intelligence, Electronic Music, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Social Media Management, and Physical Computing. These areas merge technology and creativity and provide learning and practical opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration.

IMMR prepares students for creative careers in the emerging fields of interactive communication and to become industry leaders and entrepreneurs who use the power of technology to respond to the human need for communication and expression. This revised major can thus be viewed as providing an important and timely opportunity for students to re-think and re-invent a better world through people-centered experiences with technology and media.

Participating faculty come from across the School of Communication, Media and the Arts, including the departments of Media Theatre Arts, Communication Studies, and Art & Design. Through this collaborative support, students can begin to understand how their work can change and grow as they partner with students and future colleagues with different disciplinary perspectives and skills in the classroom and future workplace.

This program aims to open up possibilities, raise questions, and engage with human creativity. The fundamental philosophy of the program is to inspire digital expression to enhance human experience through the interconnections among people, new media arts, and emerging technologies of communication.


Immersive Media & Mixed Reality Majors can choose between two concentrations – Interactive Filmmaking and Interactive Media & Animation.


Majors in Interactive Media and Mixed Reality work in the NeXReality Lab, which opened in spring 2020, and is equipped with the latest VR/AR/XR technology.  They will also make use of the facilities of the School of Communication and Media Arts (SCMA), which is housed in the Martire Business and Communications Center, which opened in spring 2015.  This fully-equipped facility is outfitted with up-to-date multimedia production software and equipment supports SHU students, faculty, and the university as a whole. Media Arts facilities include a studio for beginning and advanced HD television production courses and the state-of-the-art Hubert J. Schlafley, Jr. Digital Media Lab equipped with high-end multimedia production workstations.