Media Arts is an innovative program that combines the study of communications theory and media production with the educational tradition of the liberal arts. Students majoring in Media Arts examine the theories and concepts behind contemporary communications and media; learning to analyze films, genres, directors, and hone critical writing skills. Magazine and newspaper writing and production are an integral part of the journalism program.


Media Arts Majors can choose from 3 concentrations – Film and Television, Journalism and Performing Arts.


Students from across the university can take advantage of the six different minors offered by the School of Communication, Media & the Arts: journalism, advertising media/public relations, film and television, sports media, digital communication, and performing arts. These minors allow non-majors to explore an area of focus within the fields of Communication and Media Arts while developing an understanding of media theory, history, and technical skills.


The Media Arts major, with concentrations in Film and Television, Journalism, and the Performing Arts offers students the opportunity to pursue their passion while providing them with all the tools to forge successful careers. Media arts majors gain the critical skills to understand the work of the geniuses of the past, and the practical skills to put this knowledge to work for the future. Our curriculum focuses on the construction of compelling stories that make full use of the power of the media. From freshman through seniors, our majors have abundant access to the latest technology to help them realize their creative vision.

Media Arts graduates are prepared to enter the fields of journalism, film, television, and the performing arts with a wide breadth of skill and knowledge. They have the artistic, critical and technical skills necessary to succeed in today’s job market as ethically and socially aware professional communicators. SHU’s close proximity to the New York City/Tri state area as well as businesses throughout Fairfield County, gives students the opportunity to work at high profile companies such as ABC News, NBC, CBS, and MTV in addition to many other impressive corporations that conveniently neighbor Sacred Heart University.


Experienced faculty with industry connections.

Courses in media history, theory, and production are complemented by real world internships. Our close proximity to New York City offers students the best of internship opportunities in the communications and media industry.

A curricular design that regularly brings media professionals together with students and culminates in a capstone experience that offers our majors the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents in a project of their choosing.

An ideal location on a campus situated in heart of Connecticut’s Creative Media Corridor.


The School of Communication and Media Arts (SCMA) is housed in the Martire Business and Communications Center, which opened in spring 2015. This fully-equipped facility is outfitted with up-to-date multimedia production software and equipment, and will support SHU students, faculty, and the university as a whole. Media Arts facilities include a studio for beginning and advanced HD television production courses and the state-of-the-art Hubert J. Schlafley, Jr. Digital Media Lab equipped with high-end multimedia production workstations.


Media Arts students have the opportunity to participate in a number of extracurricular activities on campus including media organizations that allow them to apply their coursework outside the classroom and gain valuable hands-on experience in their field of study. The SCMA student organizations produce news stories, publicity campaigns, magazines, and movies in addition to hosting events, taking field trips, and networking with industry professionals.

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