The Sports Media Concentration is specifically designed from a humanities tradition to blend together the theory and practice of studying sports media and to capitalize on Sacred Heart University’s ideal geographic location in the heart of the U.S. sports media industry. Students will receive intensive training in the art and craft of digital storytelling across multiple media platforms from traditional television to contemporary social media as they move through a program designed to produce responsible and participatory citizens with well-developed critical thinking skills.

SCMA has a long history of working in the academic area of sports media and supports programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Students will be taught by established media scholars and industry professionals as they move through a curriculum that will be grounded in traditional courses and complemented by intensive workshops offered by media practitioners during each semester. We are the only college/university in the country to offer an annual student internship at the Super Bowl, and we place numerous interns and alumni at sports media companies every year as well.

‌Sports Media students will develop the aesthetic sensibility and the practical skills necessary to create substantive and professional multimedia communication projects, presentations, and artifacts. Students who move through the Sports Media concentration will acquire a theoretical, historical and practical understanding of the relationship of media to culture, and in particular the role that sports media plays in society.

Required Courses

CM 101 Introduction to Media Culture

CM 102 Introduction to Media Production

CM 252 Sport, Culture and the Media

CM 272 Sport Broadcasting I

CM 230 Digital Publications

CM 258 Social Media Strategy

CM 301 Advanced Seminar in Communication

CM 397 Senior Project 1

CM 398 Senior Project 2

3 Additional CM Production Courses

3 Additional CM History/Theory Courses


CM 211 News Writing and Reporting

CM 271 TV News Magazine Production

CM 274 Sports Journalism


The primary goal of the Sports Media Club is to expose undergraduate students to sports media culture. The club regularly invites guest speakers from the industry to campus and organizes field trips to local studios and stadiums so students can explore the sports media industry from being on camera to behind the scenes work.