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Studio Art

Studio Art

The Studio Art program focuses on the technical and conceptual skills necessary for students to create a unique voice in the art world.

Studio Art

Our sequential curriculum provides students with highly developed skills and knowledge of drawing, design, painting, illustration, art history, mixed media, computer programs, and web design that are necessary for a professional career in the visual arts. Students in the program begin with the fundamentals of drawing, design, and art history. As students master the visual language and its vocabulary, they progress to color theory, figure drawing, and painting, relying on concepts and principals they have learned in their foundation year. They are introduced to illustration and web design as they continue studies in painting. Students continue to develop their skills as they begin to explore aesthetic approaches, ideas and cultural themes in their work.

The culmination of the Studio Art program is the capstone class where students create a professional body of work that will be exhibited at the university. This exhibition is an artistic statement of the students’ education. This capstone project contributes to their professional portfolio with which they can approach venues to exhibit work and pursue their careers in the visual arts.

The major in Art and Design requires the completion of 51 credits. Art and Design majors complete 18 credits in foundational courses plus 33 credits in their areas of concentration.

Required Foundational Courses for Art and Design
AR 101 Art in the Western World
AR 201 Studies in Modern Art or one other three-credit art history offering
AR 110 Design: Visual Organization
AR 111 Design II: Color
AR 114 Computer Design Basics
AR 120 Drawing I

Additional Required Courses for Studio Art Concentration
AR 140 Methods and Materials
AR 211 Graphic Design I
AR 220 Drawing II: Life
AR 221 Drawing III
AR 225 Design for the Web
AR 229 Introduction to Painting (or AR 131 Watercolor with permission of the department)
AR 230 Painting II
AR 231 Painting III
AR 250 Introduction to Illustration
AR 260 Illustration II AR 391 Senior Project

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Professional internships are possible through AR 396 Internship with the permission of the department.