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Alexa Bianchi

Radio Intern for Elvis Duran's Morning Show

Overall Responsibilities
Editing and locating airchecks, marking and editing drops, screen phone calls to be on air, answer emails, record and edit top of the charts segment

Gain basic understanding of what goes into a radio show – editing, producing, topic development

Internship Description
As an intern my job was to screen phone calls with the show’s phone producer to put timely and relevant calls on air to keep the show engaging and fun. I checked the emails to answer any questions from listeners and printed any emails that seemed interesting and could create a good topic for the show. The interns also had a part in the topic development of the show. Every week the interns submit three topics to the producers about events that happened in their lives that they thought would be a good radio topic. If Elvis Duran and the producers like the topic the intern will be called into the studio to talk about it on air with the show.

I also produced the weekly Top of the Charts segment which airs on Thursday mornings. I researched the number one song in the U.S. in five different genres: Top 40, Urban, Adult Rock, Country and Alternative. From there I recorded the chorus of the song into ProTools , normalize, edit and add fades to it, load it into NexGen and place it in the cartdeck so it can be approved for on-air. As the show is happening live, we listen in a separate studio and use ProTools to record, mark, edit and export any funny material heard on air that could be used for their Daily Promo, show sweepers, or intros. Another intern task is to pull airchecks using Audacity for advertisers and make sure it’s sent to the sales team by the end of the day. If the show mentions a client or sponsor such as Burger King or JetBlue it is the interns job to find time it was mentioned on the log, edit and export the clip and send it out.

SCMA Experience
My experience at SHU helped me with this internship because my classes at SHU have given me the hand-on and real-world experience. We use programs and equipment that is used in professional workplaces. I have learned how to edit audio and video in my classes which helped with the editing I did on my internship. There is also a class. Radio Production/Journalism, which is dedicated to recording and correcting the levels and volumes of audio, and definitely helped me because most of the projects at my internship involved audio.

Most Memorable Moment
When my favorite singer, Camila Cabello, came to the studio to talk to Elvis about her new songs. Not only did I get to have a full conversation with Camila but Elivs Duran and my supervisor both knew that I’m a huge fan and unexpectedly called me into the studio to talk to her on air. It was an experience I will never forget!