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Emily DellaValle

Production Intern for MTV

Overall Responsibilities
Assist producers, writers, and editors and audio engineers with daily production responsibilities

Gain knowledge and experience to excel in television post graduation

Internship Description
As an intern I spent a lot of time driving runs and playing a role in edit sessions and audio sessions. In addition, I was responsible for music que sheet entry, logging footage and additional projects given to me by the supervisors on the team. I produced a video package that showed everything that I learned during my internship. I gained significant knowledge about how a major television network marketing team operates.

SCMA Experience
As a student in the School of Communication and Media Arts at SHU I have gained the skills necessary to build an impressive resume and portfolio of my work to share with future employers. Throughout my four years at SHU I have been impressed with the approachability of the professors. Not only have a developed strong working relationships with them, but I also have tapped into their knowledge of available internships as well as their connections in the business.

Most Memorable Moment
The marketing executive of my department decided that the interns should complete an Intern Challenge. I teamed up with two other interns from two different teams within MTV/VH1/LOGO Networks and we created an event in which we designed and wrote a pitch deck that we presented for the marketing executive along with 30+ team members from our networks. After weeks of meeting and gathering all our ideas, it was time that we presented our brand new, never done before event. As nervous as I was to stand up and pitch this idea to our department, I did it! Everyone was so supportive and willing to help the interns understand every aspect of creating an event. The marketing executive was thrilled and very impressed by our final product. Getting up in front of all the people in the office, as an intern, impressing them with our knowledge, creativity and presentation skills was definitely the most memorable moment.