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Ryan Touhey

PR Intern for Rockland Boulders

Overall Responsibilities
Help with PR related tasks, write game notes, track stats of team, assist with interview requests.

Work as a press reporter. Record baseball stats.

Internship Description
In the span of three months I learned so much from both the PR side and the promo side of the business while simultaneously networking with new colleagues and friends.

I was one of 25 interns. My boss’ work ethic and relentless pursuit of perfection motivated me to be on top of my game every day. Although I was hired as a PR intern, I worked with the promo side many times as well.

The Boulder’s home, Palisades Credit Union Park, has a variety of amenities for people of all ages. From a mini golf course to a bar there are many things for fans to keep themselves occupied throughout the course of the game. In terms of entertaining the fans, the biggest job I had was donning some of their mascot costumes during the first half of the game. I learned that being a mascot is a lot harder than it really looks. You have very limited hand-eye coordination and you have to rely on your handler to get you to where you have to go. Although it was not my favorite thing to do I did enjoy seeing little kid’s eyes light up whenever they saw me come out dressed as a tooth, birthday cake or hot dog.

Another task I had on the promo side was to drive a train around the concourse area. What I learned from that experience was that people are going to be hungry to do the things they want to do. They expect the interns to be helpful, kind and trustworthy. Interacting with the fans was what I enjoyed most about working at the stadium. Brightening somebody’s day and giving them an experience they won’t forget makes me proud of myself.

SCMA Experience
The School of Communication and Media Arts is very clear on the importance of networking. All of the professors preach this and they even bring in guest speakers who relay the same message. I work for the athletic communications department at SHU as a work study student. This experience helped me at my internship because both involved my sending box scores and recaps of games.

Most Memorable Moment
My favorite moment was when I was working as a foul ball boy during a game against the Boulder’s nemesis, the New Jersey Jackals. There was a family of four right next to me down the third base line. The parents had a son and a daughter who looked to be about five and eight years old. I spoke with them as the game went on and explained certain things they didn’t understand. After the game, I even took a picture with the girl as I gave her a fist pump.

On the PR side, I wrote numerous recaps for the Boulders during the season. It was a dream come true for me. This is what I hope to do for a living. I love to write and baseball is my favorite sport. When I was younger I used to write my own daily recaps for New York Yankees games. Now here I was doing it for real! It made me realize just how far I had come and it made me appreciate the experience that much more.