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Study Abroad

When the opportunity came up for my son to study in Dingle, it was something that I had to make happen. He had adventures and the excitement of exploration and education. He learned so much about himself and his craft while there.  
Photo ofIreland


The School of Communication and Media Arts Offers both short term and spring semester programs at SHU’s well established campus in Dingle, Ireland, in which students can expand their understanding of communication and media arts in an international setting. The Dingle Peninsula has been described by
National Geographic as one of the most beautiful places on earth. It is unique in its designation as a Gaeltacht area, where the community works to preserve the vitality of the Irish language and all aspects of Irish culture. The Peninsula offers tremendous learning resources, magnificent relics, ruins and holy places, access to other areas of the country and to Europe, and a vast, living display of folklore, history and authentic music, film and dance. The program in Dingle includes excursions to local sites such as the filming locations of the most recent Star Wars films and the nearby city of Killarney. Participants can also take part in activities such as kayaking, horseback riding, step dancing and hill walking.

The SCMA Spring Semester in Ireland offers both major and core courses, as well as a for-credit communications internship with a local organization, allowing students to study abroad for an extended time period without missing a step in the major. Our short courses in Dingle are two week/3 credit courses that immerse students in a a variety of topics, from Irish Cinema and History to Irish Popular Music to International Field Production.
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Sacred Heart’s campus in the heart of picturesque Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, was established in 1991. The School of Communication and Media Arts offers summer short courses in Luxembourg that explore the history of the role of European cities in inspiring cinematic masterpieces,
as well as Luxembourg’s current film and television locations and its vibrant community of communications professionals. Courses at our Luxembourg campus include day trips to important local sites such as the old city and the famous Casemates du Bock, as well as course related excursions to nearby Paris and Metz, France, Amsterdam, and/or Trier, Germany. Students have the option of taking a two week communications course and earning 3 credits in the major, or, if they spend four weeks in Luxembourg, they may select an additional course that fulfills one of their core requirements.
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Through a collaboration with our partner university, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU), SCMA students have an opportunity to study communication in a cross-cultural context in Gandhinagar, India. Students travel with a member of the SCMA faculty to Gandhinagar, where they learn
intercultural communication skills through an immersive program that includes excursions to cultural sites, behind-the-scenes tours of organizations in the communications and other industries, distinguished guest lecturers, and visits with non-profits. The program includes visits to cultural and world heritage sites like the Modhera Sun Temple, the Akshardham Temple, Sardar Patel Museum, and the flea market in the old city of Ahmedabad. Students may also attend cultural festivals like the famous annual kite festival in Ahmedabad, and learn about Indian cuisine at authentic village themed restaurants. Each student is paired with a ‘buddy’ student from PDPU to ensure that they will get an insider perspective during their time in India.